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Kara O'Mula Country Lodge is located at a pristine site at the foot of the magnificent Mulanje Mountain. The main structure is a 1905 renovated colonial building that was the residence of the district commissioner. It is 12kms from the Likhubula Falls and the Dziwe la Nkhalamba natural pool.

From Blantyre via the scenic rolling green tea fields and natural woods through the Thyolo road; or via the 19km shorter Robert Mugabe Highway.

Kara O'Mula Country Lodge has 27 accommodation rooms ranging from single bed, double bed, to family rooms. 7 of these are corridor rooms within the colonial building. The rest are the more spacious chalets spread out in various locations within a few meters of each other with vantage views of the great Mulanje Mountain, the surrounding tea estates, the Thyolo Highlands and mountains across the border with Mozambique.
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